How to create a Zone

Steps to create a zone

Rohit Bhandare

Last Update 8 месяцев назад


  • Log in to the LDR Dashboard using your credentials.

Access Zones Tab:

  • Navigate to the Zones Tab from the left-hand navigation menu. 

Select Location:

  • Choose the specific location for which you want to create a new zone.

Add New Zone:

  • Look for and click on the "Add New Zone" button. This will initiate the zone-creation process.


  • After entering the zone name, click the "Add" button to confirm and save the name.

Define Zone Area:

  • On the map display, select and outline the geographical area that you want to define as the zone.

Finalize and Save:

  • Once you have drawn the desired area on the map, click the "Save" button again.
  • This action will create the zone with the specified name and the selected geographical region.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create a zone using the LDR Dashboard. This zone can then be used to manage specific delivery areas and optimize your last-mile delivery operations.

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